Guiding Christian Working Moms to Ditch the Overwhelm & Burnout so they can Lead their Career, Grow in Christ, and Balance Life like a BOSS

Hey Boss Mom!

Do you feel stuck in your career right now? Do you feel unhappy because you know that you deserve more and desire more? Do you know that there is Great Work for you to do; BUT, you don’t want to sacrifice your family for your career? Do you know God is calling you to more, but you don’t know how to do it?

If you answered yes to the above, you are not alone!

Within the last year, over 5 million working moms left the workforce due to their lack of balance; they didn’t want to sacrifice their family for their career. BUT, that doesn’t have to be your story. It is possible to be a working mom and be in the career or business you desire. It is possible to want more and perform the Great Work God has called for you to do. I truly believe that it is possible through Christ who gives you the strength to do so, along with the guidance for Clarity, Confidence, and Control to thrive as a Boss Mom - a working mom who builds opportunities for self success moment over moment.

As a working mom who felt overwhelmed, unqualified, unhappy, left out, lost a sense of myself (identity), confused, and didn’t want to sacrifice my family for a career, I have been where you are right now. I wanted so much for myself, but put it on the back burner, so I could show up for my family. But, as I was doing that, I was miserable. I couldn’t see how I could add myself to the equation when I had so much on my plate as a wife, mom, and so much more. It wasn’t until after I was diagnosed with post partum depression that God had to SIT me down to tell me that I needed to draw my strength from Him and lean on Him to go up the career ladder, start my business, and be a great mom and wife at the same time.

As your Boss Mom Coach, I want to share with you the prayers, strategies, support, and guidance I used for myself and other working moms to build opportunities for success by redefining how you manage life with the Clarity of your Career Vision, the Confidence to Pursue it and the Control over your Schedule.

If you haven’t already, download the 4 Steps to Lead & Grow Your Career and Balance Life Guide. The initial steps you can start, immediately, to build opportunities for your career and life success.


Hi, I’m Latika

I’m your Boss Mom Coach, equipping Christian Working Moms to ditch the overwhelm and burnout, so they can Lead their Career, Grow in their relationship with God, and Balance Life like a Boss. Through coaching, workshops and speaking, I help guide them to have Clarity of their Career Vision, Confidence to Pursue it, and Control over their schedule to accomplish it all. I believe that it is possible for working moms to do both and I am on a mission to help you make it possible. I have combined my 15 years of Career Development, Training and Career Coaching experience with being a working mom, climbing the career ladder, to guide you to be a Boss Mom. If I can do it, you can also!

Stop allowing fear of failure prevent you from your greatness! You don’t have to remain stuck, trapped, or feel a sense of loss identity. You can have a fulfilling career and manage family at the same time.

Would You Like to Learn More on Being a Boss Mom?

I know you want to do more in your career, but you don’t want to sacrifice your family for a career. I know God has called you to do more, but you don’t know how to. I know you want to build opportunities for your success, but may need a little inspiration and guidance to do so. And, that’s where I come in to guide and empower you to do more in achieving your dreams.

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